Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Penguin's Anniversary

This post over at The New Yorker Book blog about the seventy-fifth anniversary of Penguin Books, which is taking place this year, reminded me of the promotion Penguin had for its 60th anniversary fifteen years ago.  I was in middle school then, I think, just getting into reading, and the Penguin 60's, as they were called, were the perfect medium for me to expose myself to authors - many of whom I had never heard of before - by the shelfful.  I remember going to Crown Books (remember Crown Books?) and browsing the shelves of Penguin 60's. Knowing I could get any one I wanted (they were all 60 cents, the best part about them).  Knowing whatever I chose, it would be a quality work (Penguin did a stellar job of choosing material - I remember reading, among many others Twain, Crane, and Stephen King).

So how about it, Penguin?  Will there be any Penguin 75's in our (immediate) future?

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  1. I remember Crown Books...better yet, I remember the Crown Books you're thinking of!