Monday, January 11, 2010

TNR: The Book

The New Republic finally brings out their much awaited (by me, anyway) online book section today.  Looks pretty neat - nothing out of the ordinary, but a good mecca for the usual list of prominent writers and thinkers (including Leon Wieseltier, of course) to strut their stuff.  Just read Wieseltier's review of The Humbling.  A bit late, this, but it is also the best review of Roth's book I've read yet.

I haven't read The Humbling yet, and probably never will.  I gave up on Roth after Everyman, which is sad, because I still think he's one of the greatest living writers.  He's certainly the greatest living writer who probably should quit writing, or should (please God) go back to writing the awesome works he produced in the 80's and 90's.

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  1. everyman was awful, and similar to vonnegut's timequake - too much production too late. i'm all about geniuses stopping while they're still ahead. for both of them, that was a number of decades before their 80s.